Posted on: September 8, 2009

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning a party is to select a date and send out invites before securing a venue or entertainment.

It’s much easier to find a venue and entertainment if you haven’t restricted yourself to a certain date and already invited guests making any date changes stressful and many times impossible.

I always suggest three things first.

1. Decide on a theme

2. Contact any entertainment and inquire as to availability around dates that you are interested in. Then discuss your venue chioces with the entertainment companies to ensure they will come to any of the area/venues you are going to contact. Now you have dates for entertainment and know that they will trave to your venue. Ask for a hold on tentative dates until you can secure your venue. If they can’t hold or have a limited hold time ask that they call you before giving the dates away. Now you can proceed to step 3.

3. Call your venues. Start with your first date choice and work your way out. In as little as one day you can have your theme, entertainment and venue booked. Always keep in mind no date will work for all invited guests so choose what works for you and in my experience guests will do all they can to attend your event if possible based on your date and choice of venue.

Of course I can’t finish without stressing the importance of planning ahead. Planning any event last minute can take the joy out of the cause for celebration. While many people thrive under pressure it’s always a good idea to allow alot of time for planning. Everything should be handled 1 week prior to your event and what isn’t physically handled (cake, flowers, setup) should atleast be planned out to be ready when it is time to get everything in place.

More to come so check back often and happy planning 🙂


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  • mel strinholm: fantastic tips! who knew to freeze a cake before decorating! and letting the color in the icing sit for awhile to let it darken is great to know as we
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