Professionally… I am a very focused goal oriented individual. I believe we own our choices and therefore both our successs and our failures. I would rather try and fail than not try at all. When it comes to business I don’t believe I will ever be “done” I will only be ready to tackle my next challenge! My primary role at Stir Crazy is to continue to grow our vision as well as handle our marketing strategies and practices. I currently manage all social media platforms but am focusing on streamlining this so that it can be managed at an operational level by team members and future franchisees. In addition to day to day operations and marketing I am deeply involved in the development of all systems and procedures as we continue to groom our business for multiple locations and future franchise opportunities. Personally… I am mom to 4 children ranging in age from 7 – 19 (as of 2012) and my business partner and best friend is also my adoring husband Greg. I have many passions… my business, my children, art, running, working out, reading, organizing, cleaning (yes cleaning), crafting, scrapbooking, camping and the list goes on. My life is made up of so many blessings and I am eternally grateful for everyday I am granted life on this beautiful planet.


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  • mel strinholm: fantastic tips! who knew to freeze a cake before decorating! and letting the color in the icing sit for awhile to let it darken is great to know as we
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